Our story


Early days
Our founder, Yewande Rolph, has been making natural, ethically-sourced products for over 20 years. Back in 1992, during her spare time, she became interested in natural ways to look after the skin. She began making her own skin toner with fresh rosemary and cider vinegar, which her family liked. In 2002, her son was born with very sensitive skin and for the first three years of his life he could only be bathed in water, as his skin reacted negatively to most commercial products. This spurred Yewande on to research and make gentle ingredients for the skin, which she used on her whole family.

Research, study and the start of Natural Fragrance Company
After undertaking courses (from April 2011) and studing natural elements, Yewande started making a wider variety of products, including moisturisers, for family, friends and colleagues. They liked and benefited from her products, which encouraged her to offer home-made items to others and so Natural Fragrance Company was born!

Our products
Each product is carefully prepared with high-quality constituents that smell wonderful and have naturally beneficial properties. Yewande is certified to make bespoke creams, moisturisers, gels, shampoos and lip balms. Various other items, such as our Hay Fever Help Oil, can be made to order especially for you.

Natural ingredients
No synthetic fragrances are contained in our products. They are beautifully scented only with pure plant essential oils (plant extracts). The scent blends rely on plants in their natural state. Time is invested researching the best ingredients and combinations to use. (If sensitive, always do a patch test before using any of our products.)

Respect for the environment
Our aim is to create products that are natural, affordable, cruelty-free, sustainable, fun to use and biodegradable. Where possible, organic, fairly-traded and wild-crafted raw materials are sourced. “Reduce, recycle, reuse” are key factors that are always considered.