“What I like about the Hay Fever Help Oil is that it is very effective and all natural. It also has a nice, calming fragrance and definitely helps me fight the irritating, energy-sucking symptoms of hay fever. Now that I use the oil regularly I can breath more easily, feel more alert and function better in the day. ”

Fola, West London

“Thanks for bringing my hay fever help oil. I used it this afternoon and must admit, it’s cleared my airways. You don’t realise that it has worked until it dawns on you that you’re not sniffling! ”

Judy, West London

“I used the Shea Butter from Yewande on my feet each day and after a month my cracked heels were healed!”

Tina, Central London

“I really enjoy using the Agreeable natural perfume Yewande makes. Agreeable perfume has a complex and subtle scent. It is cheering, bright and fresh. I genuinely feel a little cheered when I put it on!”

Rosie, West London

“The Lime spray is lovely. Also I have had no sightings of clothes’ moth since I’ve used the Cedarwood Essential Oil from Yewande. Before that I was seeing one or more everyday!”

Patricia, South West London

“The Lavender spray smells wonderfully fresh. I am a Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher and I love how natural the spray smells. ”

Varsha, Uxbridge/London, Illuminated Health

“I was given one of your Lemon fragrance sprays as a gift. I congratulate you on such a lovely product. ”

Pauline, South East London

“Your fragrance sprays are the best I have ever smelt! They smell like the real thing. It must be the purity of the oils.”

Elaine, North London

“I’m in love with Yewande’s gentle skin cleanser/toner. It was a bespoke product and my skin is positively glowing! ”

Kitan, Surrey

“I have put a few drops of the oil (Pure Lavender Essential Oil) in my linen cupboard it smells wonderful.”

Gill, West London

“Your fragrance sprays are amazing. Everyone comments on how lovely they are. In fact I would like another May Chang as a gift for someone else.”

Heather, West London

“The lavender spray is gorgeous – I use it on my pillowcases and sheets! I had sprayed some of the lavender fragrance on my pillow just before I went to bed – it’s quite concentrated and smells heavenly. I can only put my good night’s sleep down to the lavender spray – it’s heaven ‘scent’ in a bottle! I must get some more next time I see you!”

Liz, Pinner, Middlesex