“Hi Yewande, I just wanted to let you know that the lavender spray I bought from you worked a treat last night! I sprayed it on my pillow, went off to sleep really quickly and although I did wake up at 5am, I was able to go off to sleep again, which I don’t usually do. So I’ll be using it every night from now on – thanks so much! Best wishes, ”

Catherine, West London

“The hand massage from Yewande was lovely, really nice.”

Kelly, Ruislip

“I love using the lavender spray on my bed linen at night. I really feel it helps me sleep! Thanks very much.”

Janne, Surrey

“Yewande’s products are not chemicalised. Healthy looking & smell fantastic. They work for me in every way. I like them very much. Satisfactory as well as effective, I would recommend them to anyone! ”

Rachel, NW London

“The sprays smell delicious, they really do!”

Clive, Staines

“I put meat in a cupboard for 3 weeks by mistake. Yewande’s spray worked like a dream. Only a couple of sprays of May Chang took away the smell!”

Tom, West London

“Yewande’s room spray is a natural product. It is long lasting and very potent. All the staff like it. It is not offensive to anyone.”

Sarah, West London

“Thank you so much for the lovely fragrance (Lemon Spray) – really enjoying it!!”

Bridget, North West London

“Yewande makes the best air fresheners! They blanket every smell!!”

Justin, Surrey

“Yewande gave me a wonderfully relaxing hand massage that I thoroughly enjoyed. I also purchased the Lemongrass Room spray, which I’ve been using regularly. I love the fresh, invigorating scent and I love that the product is natural. ”

Colleen, West London

“My sister was delighted with the lovely design of the car dangler. As well as the innovative idea of being able to choose & renew the scent of the fragrance spray. ”

Tina, Kensington

“I’m addicted to the May Chang room spray. It leaves a delightful subtle fragrance through the house and lasts for ages. ”

Rebecca, West London

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